How do you collaborate with your research agency?

A few weeks back, one of our clients described the portal they used to store past research as a decommissioned amusement park. A sad but striking metaphor when you think about all the hope and excitement that goes into setting up a new research portal, and the disappointment and frustration that inevitably follows as the…

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Enhance your products by learning from other categories

As we’ve already mentioned in other blog, knowledge sharing is fundamental when you want to come up with fantastic consumer products. Companies invest millions of dollars in research every year to improve their products, but often this knowledge lies in silos and the research is duplicated. As my colleague Elizabeth states in a previous blog,…

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Fostering a culture of sharing – how to inspire people to share what they know

The reality is that too often, people just don’t want to share what they know. This mentality can grow from a variety of unwieldy places in your organization. Perhaps, constraining knowledge is a power play. Or perhaps, people just want to control the interpretation of data – maybe they’re worried the research isn’t good enough…

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Validated primary and secondary research inside the cognitive marketing mix

There are high expectations towards behavioral data these days. Any move your customers make can be measured, right? The “when”, “where”, and “what products they buy in the same shopping cart” tell us nearly everything we need to know about them. We can contextualize POS data with journey data, trending news topics, and weather data.…

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Why you should ask your research agencies to write findings

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about why it makes sense to partner up with your market research agencies for insights management – from promotion of work to both company and research agency seeing the benefits of having well-structured knowledge readily available. In addition to these reasons for collaboration, research agencies can also help…

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How to trust in the power of findings

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of findings and their key benefits. Findings are huge timesavers, especially in comparison to reading every single document trying to find information that answers a business question. So, why are findings such a timesaver? Here’s a list of some pretty convincing reasons: You can do a…

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