CognitiveBuster episode 1: human learning vs machine learning

The best part about working with cognitive computing experts is that I can fact-check popular AI TV shows and films. I went from just watching to now wondering, ‘Could this actually happen? Could robots actually mimic humans entirely?’ With my red pen in hand, let’s start crossing off the list, starting with the AI TV…

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Unilever, Market Logic and LivingLens at IIeX Europe

February is the month of valentines, black history and … insights for innovation. Starting on the 20th, IIeX (Insight Innovation eXchange Europe) will showcase three things: new ideas to change the world of insights, practical learning sessions to help develop new skills, and the chance to connect with market research thought leaders from brands and…

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Which ads scored a touchdown during this year’s Super Bowl?

It’s the most wonderful time of year. And no, I don’t mean Christmas – I’m referring to Super Bowl. That special Sunday, when according to my American colleagues, everyone bonds over dip, beer, chicken wings, the half time show and, oh yeah, the football game. Lady Gaga was great and all, but for my money,…

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Document Miners close the gap between unstructured and structured content

“We are drowning in data” with “too much data, and too little insight.” These all too familiar truisms are typical triggers for any big data analysis project. So, what’s the hold up? Theoretically, a lot of data is a good thing in modern data science. It helps give a very detailed description of a situation,…

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Why it’s important to add your latest insights to Knowledge Zones

A few weeks ago, I talked about how knowledge zones can be used to promote insights in engaging stories, using all types of media. My post focused on how clients use zones to open the gates to knowledge access and jump over common hurdles such as restricted availability, which is caused when no-one knows (or can…

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Be precise and find exactly what you’re looking for with in-document and page preview

By now, you may have noticed I’m a strong advocate for trusting in the power of findings when you want to answer business questions. Searching through reusable findings is a great way for your company to know what it knows from its gathered research across all relevant markets and target groups – answering your business question…

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Predicting a cognitive world of insights in 2017

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Readers of this blog will recall the emergence of cognitive computing late 2016 with posts highlighting an HBR case study on Unilever’s cognitive search  and recognition of Market Logic’s underlying cognitive technology with the 2016 Marketing Innovation of the Year award. More recently, Forrester…

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How directors can change your insights management game

When you introduce a platform to transform your organization into an insights driven innovation machine, it’s important to ensure all your research finds its way into the system – with great quality and in a timely manner. That means every researcher in your team needs to recognize the value of the existing knowledge estate and…

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See the bigger picture with cognitive marketing

Last century, market researchers’ perspectives were largely shaped by the universe of projects they commissioned and reports they purchased. Aggregating all this unstructured and structured information in an insights platform enabled a team of market researchers and their stakeholders to look beyond their own projects and reports, to share and leverage information across regions, categories…

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The world of video analytics is now

Imagine a world where it’s easy to gather video feedback from hundreds of consumers via seamlessly integrated customer journeys, and to extract both qualitative and quantitative value from that data. According to our good friend Carl Wong at LivingLens, that world is 2017. Carl and I were chatting at an innovation think tank last week…

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