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Drive growth with
decisions at scale

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For business teams

Make faster and better
with relevant
insights when you
need them

Find and apply insights

Easily discover and use insights across your ecosystem and corporate data sources. Augment your findings with curated expertise from your insights team to understand what is happening and why.

Everything organized

Know where your most important information lives. Keep content organized with notebooks and collections. Subscribe to your favorite topics and content for the latest updates or share it with your peers.

Collaborate with experts

Don’t bury important communication in email threads. Drive collaboration and teamwork by engaging with your Insights team directly. Ask questions, submit requests and collaborate on projects.

Insights tailored to you

Create newsfeeds on relevant topics, and get personalized content based on your role and interests. Our AI actively listens to all sources, spotting and routing insights relevant to you.

For Insights, Intelligence, and Research teams

Scale your teams’ superpower across the company with
self-service access to insights.

Avoid siloed data and duplicative work and bring scattered knowledge together in one place, while unifying your processes. Empower teams to work better together in one intuitive and collaborative platform. Make it easier, faster and more fun to discover, analyze, and share insights.

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Elevate your work and deliver
insights at the speed of business

With tailored tools for Insights, Intelligence, and Research teams,
co-created with thought leaders around the globe.

Uncover insights

Easily search, browse, and discover insights from all sources to speed up your work.

Tell stories

Collaborate with your team to create and promote easy-to-digest knowledge and insight.

Distribute news

Monitor trends and provide guidance while reducing repetitive work to focus on insight and quality.

Organize reports

Link business questions to reports and data in a central place for easy search and access.

Drive intelligence

Standardize your insights in a digestible format to compare and learn over time.

Conduct research

Plan, execute and track classic and DIY research projects with vendors for full transparency.

Breaking down silos, once and for all

Unlock and integrate insights from any source – no matter where they live

Build an insights ecosystem that connects stakeholders, vendors, and partners. Combine them with existing insights to answer business questions.

Tap into hundreds of integrated premium sources and vendors — indexed, searchable, and all in one place.

Experience the freedom to scale
your insights without limits

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