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Why you should ask your research agencies to write findings

Why you should ask your research agencies to write findings
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Why you should ask your research agencies to write findings

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about why it makes sense to partner up with your market research agencies for insights management – from the promotion of work to both company and research agency seeing the benefits of having well-structured knowledge readily available. In addition to these reasons for collaboration, research agencies can also help your company write findings. As I’ve recently discussed in my previous blog, findings make life much easier when it comes to insights management.

How so? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane: findings are a great way to quickly understand what your company knows regarding specific business questions. Searching through findings instead of documents provides you with a broad overview of consumer, shopper, market, and industry knowledge across different projects and markets. They are also a great asset when it comes to insight workshop preparation or desk researches and internal analyses.

Now that your memory is jogged on both the importance of collaboration with market research agencies and on trusting in the power of findings, let’s take another refresher course on what’s needed to create stellar findings and how they should be written to make them valuable and reusable.

Remember, findings are standalone pieces of information that are self-explanatory and need no further information. So, where do the research agencies come into play? Although findings are a huge time saver, it’s also an investment to write findings – which results in hours that market researchers in companies typically don’t have. But, this shouldn’t discourage you –the benefits of findings greatly outweigh the initial effort. Plus, we have a solution to writing findings – collaborate with your research agencies.

But, why would research agencies be inclined to write the findings and support your insights management? Here are some convincing reasons:

  • Research agencies are the ones who know the research results best. They’ll need less time to identify and extract the key insights of a study to then turn into reusable, actionable findings. For them, it’s just a small part of the final deliverable that comes with the report.
  • It’s in the research agency’s best interest to write great findings that will be used again. Typically, they don’t want their insights to be buried in pages of reports, getting covered in dust and never to be read.
  • And last but not least, it’s a fantastic way to promote their work. Colleagues within the company will see the valuable insights they put into findings and the chances of using the agency for their next research study increases knowing that they write insightful findings.

Of course, some investment from your side is required in the beginning. You’ll need to ensure the findings meet your expectations, which means a little bit of training and quality assurance. In the end, you (as a researcher in the company) will remain the gatekeeper of all research results, including documents and findings, before they are shared widely within your insights management software. However, this isn’t a lot. You’ll only have to review what you receive, ask for rework if needed, and then publish the new insights. There’s nothing to lose, but much to gain.

Do you have questions on how to involve your research agency with writing great findings for your insights management? I’m happy to help!

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