Auto-tagging and upload – no manual effort

Auto-tagging and upload – no manual effort
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Auto-tagging and upload – no manual effort

One of AI’s biggest benefits is the ability to free us from tedious work. According to a report published last year by SnapLogic, 90% of today’s labour force is burdened with boring and repetitive tasks. For insights managers and the agencies, they partner with, uploading research and tagging it with the correct data is a time suck that’s easily postponed.

The good news is that AI is now capable of performing these tasks at a human-like success rate of over 85%. Automating tedium makes way for creativity so people can focus on tasks that generate real value.

At our recent launch event, Mario Lenz, Senior Vice President, Product Management, introduced upload with auto-tagging, a key part of the next generation Market Insights Platform. Instead of spending time manually tagging projects, the auto-tagger makes it instant and effortless.

Mario walked the audience through a live demo, where he dragged and dropped a file into an upload dialog box. AI detected the language and “read” through the uploaded file, tagging it with all relevant information, while automatically extracting findings and creating a short preview summary.

The auto-tagger is a great example of how AI can be used to save time and money, freeing up mental capacity to focus on bigger and better things. For a more technical description of the upload with auto-tagging functionality, written by our Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer Martin Rückert, please click here.

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