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How directors can change your insights management game

When you introduce a platform to transform your organization into insights-driven innovation machine, it’s important to ensure all your research finds its way into the system – with great quality and in a timely manner. That means every researcher in your team needs to recognize the value of the existing knowledge estate and invest a little effort to curate knowledge on important topics. Establishing such a wide-spread behaviour requires stringent change management introducing new ways to generate and capitalize on insights, and an effective quality assurance regime. Oftentimes, companies display a strong strategic support from the C-level and VP leadership group and a lot of activity on the level of the researchers.

But a key – if neglected – role in successful change management is the director. While not carrying out research themselves, directors guide their teams to execute research, encourage its re-use, and initiating and guiding knowledge curation. For these reasons, they have a pivotal role enforcing wide-spread change in the day-to-day operations. Neglecting the role of the director can lead to a dangerous disconnect between the strategic vision and the widespread reality as executed by the researchers in every project and desk research.

That’s why many of our clients have put a lot of effort into making their directors a force for change who are incentivized based on the performance of their respective teams in this regard. This places their contribution to change the way the company deals with insights centre stage, as a core deliverable to get a promotion.

A few examples of initiatives we’ve seen directors introduce:

• Define global best practice research brief templates
• Manage the day-to-day budget and approvals on the platform, for 100% compliance of research executed that’s reflected in the tool
• Run competitions to create the most insightful stories on strategic topics
• Introduce internal checks for researchers to prove no research exists already before commissioning new research

Each one of these examples has created huge, tangible business benefits and a platform for directors to increase their visibility and impact on the organization.

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