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Pernod Ricard Market Logic Software - case study
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“It was a game changer”—Pernod Ricard shares their insights platform’s 2020 successes

Pernod Ricard owns 16 of the world’s top 100 spirits brands, with a portfolio of prestigious and renowned labels like Absolut Vodka, Jameson Irish whiskey, and Beefeater Gin.

Florence Rainsard, Pernod Ricard’s Global Consumer Insights Director, and Nathalie Lavoisier, Team Coordinator Assistant, recently shared with us how the firm’s Market Logic powered insights platform, “The Insights Factory” is helping their small team drive insights across a highly decentralized organization.

“We launched the new platform in 2020, and it was a game-changer,” Florence said. “The Insights Factory is a place to discover insights and foresight for the entire company.”

Decentralized business, lost research, and duplicated studies

With over 300 brands distributed across 160 plus markets, Pernod Ricard’s small insights team is tasked with empowering the organization’s 19,000 globally dispersed employees to be true on-the-ground ambassadors for their brand.

Florence said the insights team’s vision is to deliver stronger marketing and commercial impact by driving high consumer insight values across the organization.

Before they launched The Insights Factory, Florence said her team faced the challenge that “intelligence was not delivered at the right time to the right person.” As a result, Florence said “the information ended up lost in a folder,” which in turn led to the firm losing money and time commissioning duplicated reports and studies.

“I can give you an example,” Florence shared. “We bought a really big trend report in the past, and different affiliates bought it two or three times because we weren’t connecting enough. So these are the problems we had to solve.”

“The Insights Factory”—hitting each must-have on the insights team’s list

For Florence and her team, it was essential to find a solution that would centralize all insights and foresights assets into one global platform. Florence said it was critical for them to identify the right vendor with the right platform to satisfy the firm’s needs.

Her team knew exactly what they wanted when it came to a global insights platform solution, and Market Logic’s software solution fit the bill. Florence shared with us three things their insights solution had to have in order for the tool to be the right for them, and how Market Logic’s solution delivered.

1. It had to be sexy. At the end of the day, Florence said, the firm wanted an excellent design and intuitive user experience, because they knew, “when it’s too complicated, when it’s not sexy for design-loving business users, it won’t work.” Because of Market Logic’s human-centered approach to UX, Florence’s team was able to develop their insights platform with agility, designing tailored content experiences for target user groups. After rollout, the team were able quickly respond to business users’ needs. “The idea was to go fast,” Nathalie said, “because you’ll never get people up and running if you wait for perfection.”

2. It had to connect internal information with external data sources. Pernod Ricard’s insights team was looking for a platform that not only integrated their own research content, but also external information and tools, without their business users having to log into separate subscriptions. Thanks to the Market Logic solution, The Insights Factory works atop an Insights Engine that blends data from many sources, connecting insights into a knowledge graph, and giving Pernod Ricard’s insights professionals one place to search and analyze data across multiple tools.

3. It had to have a powerful search function. Florence said their tool had to have a powerful search engine and a responsive, personalized “Netflix” approach to their catalogue of resources. “Relevant content needed to be available with a recommendation to the user based on previous choices.” The Insights Factory empowers Pernod Ricard’s business users to self-service with knowledge curated by the firm’s experts and AI. Curated, expert mini-sites within the platform (also known as knowledge zones) provided strategic, relevant content to business users so they can make winning decisions.

Since launching at the end of January 2020, Florence said they’ve had more than 2900 unique users accessing the platform with more than 15,700 total logins: “We have over 26% return rates, which is excellent.”

Florence said a key success factor to achieve high adoption was their strategic community of ambassadors who support the Insights Factory, worldwide.

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