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johnson&johnson market logic case study
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Johnson & Johnson cuts research approval times by up to 90%

As the world’s largest healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson is dedicated to putting “a healthy mind, body and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere.”

From skincare solutions to infectious disease vaccines, the diversified health care giant is tasked with responding to consumer, patient, and doctor needs in a rapidly evolving and competitive global market. Here, we share the firm’s journey to massive time savings through their Market Logic powered insights platform donned the “HIVE.”

Cumbersome processes in a rapidly evolving and highly regulated industry

Because pharma is a highly regulated sector, Johnson & Johnson has sophisticated research workflows with multiple approval steps to ensure full compliance with government regulations. Compliance with pharmacovigilance requirements is key to putting patients’ health at the forefront of every research project, but executing it effectively requires a complex system.

“We use to have a 14-page document outlining all the steps in the process that our researchers had to work through manually,” says Joaquin Garcia-Lopez, Director, Business Analytics and Customer Insights at Johnson & Johnson.

The HIVE: one streamlined source of truth for the entire enterprise

Johnson & Johnson’s insights platform, the HIVE was launched in 2014, to answer the question “if only J&J knew what it knows?” Today, it is one of only a handful of global enterprise platforms across the entire enterprise, where it enjoys 94% usage by the global insights’ community.

Two main elements have been key to the HIVE’s success:

1. Workflow management to simplify approvals and ensure compliance. The HIVE has transformed the organization’s processes from a manual system that referenced all the different regulations around the world with a 6 -12 week approval time, to an automated system that can see pharmacovigilance approvals within 1-2 days. Says Joaquin, “it’s been transformational.

It means that when we have a fast-moving acquisition opportunity, we can do primary market research and turn around approvals quickly with full compliance.”

2. Efficiency gains and connecting different parts of the business. Before joining Johnson & Johnson, Joaquin worked in neuroscience and pain. He knows better than most that no matter which angle you’re approaching an issue, be it OTC, prescription pain management or surgeries, “the patients are the same patients and the journeys are the same journeys”.

The HIVE enables an elevation of the level of insights gleaned because teams are not spending time doing the leg work – they’re building on the knowledge that others have forged.

Research automation has led to a 5-10% reduction in duplicative spending and a 10-15% cost savings due to vendor consolidation. On the platform, the entire global organization can access best-practice templates, streamlined vendor management, approval workflows and compliance records.

So instead of investing in unnecessary new research, Johnson & Johnson’s insights teams managed to get ahead of the curve by “knowing what they know” with their Market Logic powered insights platform.

The team now leverages their multi-million-dollar knowledge asset to identify gaps in research. In the past year alone, over 1500 quarterly users conducted 35,654 searches on the HIVE, which is home to over 49,000 documents and 27,000 studies.

Precious time savings free up teams to discover insights

The days of manually grinding through long, cumbersome research approval documents are gone. The HIVE’s fully automated step-by-step research approval process is massively cutting approval times from 12 weeks to one week while making sure nothing gets missed.

And with the HIVE available to the entire global insights community, Johnson & Johnson’s insights professionals have seen expediated insights and intelligence sharing across teams, divisions, and regions, saving precious resources better spent on innovation, decision-making, and impact.

In recent months, Joaquin points out that the rapid acceleration of telehealth and clinical trials to deliver Covid-19 services and solutions has repeatedly confirmed the overwhelming benefit of this automation.

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