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The “rules of engagement” for Nomad Foods’ insights platform

For Laura Craft, Insights Manager at Nomad Foods, the early weeks of the pandemic felt quite apocalyptic. Consumers understandably rushed to fill their shelves and freezers, while business stakeholders rushed to their insights team to understand what was happening and anticipate what might happen next.

Through this experience, CEO Stefan Descheemaeker reinforced the importance of the company’s mission. “Our purpose to serve the world with better food has never felt more meaningful than it does today”, he explained.

“The role of quality food and mealtimes has been essential in providing comfort and stability to our everyday lives as we navigate this global health crisis together.”

The insights function at Nomad Foods responded accordingly. Their “Insights On Demand” platform, which launched in February 2020, provided immediate access to relevant insights, enabling people to make faster and more effective business decisions.

It also provided one single source of truth for all finalized project documentation, as the first major step in their Project Turing 2025 initiative, which aims to build insights and business data capabilities.

Before Insights on Demand, Nomad Foods had an internal share drive for their insights. Laura said users had a hard time finding the insights they needed, or even knowing if they were looking at the right set of insights.

In a user survey, 66% of respondents said they needed over 6 hours to find an answer to their questions. All in all, “finding insights on our old Blinkbox share drive was rated average to poor by everyone.”

In Laura’s words, the new insights platform transformed her department “from the dinosaur age of multiple share drives, where people in different markets didn’t have access to the same information.” With Insights On Demand, said Laura, centralized insights are delivered with very fast turnaround.

Internally, the team introduced new rules of engagement:

  • Instead of answering marketers’ questions via emails, insights managers direct their stakeholders to Insights On Demand, with a friendly hint in email signatures
  • Performance reports are only uploaded to Insights On-demand and aren’t available anywhere else.
  • External content is uploaded to channels if it is new, business relevant and supports their strategy.
  • Continuous engagement is driven with a “did you know…?” newsletter, alongside informative “teasers” for all user groups.

Although they represent a step-change in ways of working, Laura says they’re resonating across the organization. “Our CCO loves the platform,” said Laura. “He reads the summaries, clicks the links and then returns to the platform to find out a whole lot more of what’s on offer.”

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