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The case for insights marketing – don’t park your research in a garage

The case for insights marketing – don’t park your research in a garage
Be Insights-driven

The case for insights marketing – don’t park your research in a garage

Imagine this: you come up with a fantastic consumer product and pitch it to a dragon’s den of executives who love it. You then put bulk packages of your product in a garage, open the door, and wait for consumers to magically find it. Would you be surprised if sales were weak?

A lot of insights departments operate this way. They tuck their insights away in PowerPoints stored on SharePoint, hoping that business partners are heroic enough to dig them out and apply them in business decisions. Organizations will never become truly insights driven with such technology and operating procedures.

At Market Logic, we work with our clients to apply marketing best practices to the product that insights departments produce: fresh, relevant and targeted insights into human behavior that inform and guide business decisions.

This starts with thinking through your strategic positioning and branding. One acid test: If your business partners tell you they don’t visit your knowledge portal because they don’t know what they can find there, you probably have a long way to go.

The next step is a need-state segmentation of your business partners. What are their jobs to be done? What information do they need, and in what format? A trade marketer in Italy launching a best-in-class promotion campaign might need different insights than a marketer in the USA working on an innovation concept for a new hair care product. The insights product those users find when visiting your portal should differ accordingly.

The next step is to think about awareness and availability. It should be easy to find and access relevant insights. Have you placed a banner on your insights department intranet page? How many business partners go there on a regular basis? Go where your customers are and make it easy – really easy – to get insights. Not documents, not folders and certainly not usernames and passwords. Your business partners simply don’t have the time to search for the right information.

And finally: reach out. Which medium do you use to inform your target groups about new insights? What else can you do other than sending an untargeted newsletter? It shouldn’t be hard for your business partner to find and use your insights – it should be hard for them to ignore them. Understanding your insights as products that need proper marketing can unlock enormous creativity. I’ve seen it skyrocket insights asset usage – making organizations truly insights driven.

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