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Change management questions for effective knowledge management

Change management questions for effective knowledge management
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Change management questions for effective knowledge management

You’ve spent ages setting up the best possible knowledge management platform, collected all past research and organized it in a structured way – but no one is actually using it, particularly not the marketing teams.

Does that sound familiar? If so, you don’t have the right change management strategy in place. It’s a problem I’ve heard from a lot of companies.

Unlocking the benefits of past insights demands more than world class knowledge management software. As with any other product, your platform needs to be positioned, advertised, and pushed in to the “marketplace”. Continuously.

When tailoring your successful change management strategy, you should ask yourself:

  • “Have I created the right awareness about my knowledge management system?”
    One newsletter is not enough.
  • “How easy is it to access the system?”
    We all know how many logins and passwords we have, not to mention bookmarked URLs.
  • “Do people know what the software is about and how to use it?”
    Yes, we live in the digital century, but how easily do we really adapt to new software? Change that impacts established working routines is often the hardest to adjust to.
  • “Do I really have all relevant content in my knowledge management system? And is it always up to date?”
    People might be curious about a new system in the beginning, but if they don’t find what they need – and they might be looking for more than past research – they won’t come back.
  • “Is my knowledge management system embedded in internal working processes?”
    People are busy, and time is a valuable commodity. If insights are not easily infused at the right time in actual business process, there’s a good chance marketing teams simply won’t find the time to search for it.
  • “Do I have leadership support?”
    Real change starts at the top. Without an endorsement from leadership it’s difficult (and sometimes even impossible) to truly change the world of insights and knowledge management and make a positive impact.
  • “Is my knowledge management software constantly updated and improved with new great features?”
    Yes, people get bored, and easily. Keeping your user community constantly excited will ensure they stick with the software.

If you are curious to learn more about change management, check out our upcoming blogs.

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