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Demystifying AI with Sjoerd Koornstra

Demystifying AI with Sjoerd Koornstra
AI for Insights

Demystifying AI with Sjoerd Koornstra

Sjoerd Koornstra, Partner at the House of Insights and former Global CMI Planner at Heineken, spoke at ESOMAR: Fusion 2018 today. Fusion’s theme is the merging of human understanding from the qualitative world with AI and analytics from the world of big data.

The conference runs from November 11-15 at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. Talk tracks range from utilizing smart data for social media and AI to the intersection of data science and psychology.

Together with Wim Hamaekers, Managing Partner at Haystack International, Sjoerd demystified machine learning for the world of AI, explaining how it can be used to accelerate innovation by exploiting what is already known.

He introduced the different types of machine learning and presented a case study on ways information from different databases was combined to create insights on thousands of potential beverage flavours. Using these techniques to utilize existing knowledge saved enormous amounts of money and time, from administrative tasks to fieldwork.

If you’re hungry for a deeper dive into this topic, Sjoerd will be joining us, along with Martin Rückert, Chief AI Officer at Market Logic, for a webinar on Demystifying AI for Insights Management on Wednesday, December 19th.

In addition to Sjoerd’s overview and case study, Martin will show how AI makes life easier for insights managers by delivering instant answers to questions from past research. Their presentations will be followed by a Q&A discussion.

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