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AI for insights-driven marketing

Everyone is talking about AI, but hardly anyone is using AI to its full potential. Currently, the world’s three largest companies are building their business models on AI. 80% of marketing managers in Germany believe that AI is important for marketing, but only 31% are using it to some extent, and a mere 6% use it extensively. The reality of the situation is that marketers face great challenges in implementing AI solutions within their organizations.

In this webinar, Professor Bünte will share best practice and tips on how to leverage AI in marketing, based on the latest findings from her study AI – The Future of Marketing. AI expert and Market Logic’s Platform Product Manager, Sabine Hunsicker, will then show how AI can help marketers to find answers to the toughest questions they face today.
Key questions answered:

  • Why is AI important for marketing?
  • How do marketing managers use AI at the moment and how will this develop in the future
  • What are current best practices that marketers can build on?
  • What does one need to consider when dealing with AI?


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