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Enabling Decision Quality and Reach With Insights at Kellogg’s

8th, Apr 2021

53% of decision-makers admit to cherry-picking data that supports their decisions. So how do you make sure they use all the relevant insights to make good decisions, even when working remotely? Learn how Kellogg’s uses their Market Insights Platform to ensure decision quality despite limitations with 24/7 self-service access to all your insights from all sources. Terah Putman from Kellogg’s will join Market Logic for a discussion on the best way to guide stakeholders toward the best possible decisions with insights despite everyday challenges, heightened by a global pandemic.

Key takeaways:

  • Enable swift, self-service access to insights so managers can answer their business questions
  • Answer complex business questions with expert desk research that scales
  • Help targeted stakeholder groups make sense of strategic topics with storytelling


  • Terah Putman, Director Next Generation Insights at Kellogg’s
  • Elizabeth P. Morgan, Co-founder and CMO at Market Logic
  • Javier Corral, Director Solution Architecture at Market Logic


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