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Fast insights for finserv

Experts from Ipsos and TrendWatching shared fast insights for FinServ consumer and industry trends and cover innovations in adjacent industries that influence customer expectations. Market Logic then showed smart ways AI could help you to stay on top of it all.

  • Georgiana Brown (Deputy Head of Financial Services, Customer Experience at Ipsos MORI) discussed the future of financial relationships, exploring customer connection in a digital age. Drawing on consumer research that reveals attitudes towards new digital services, and using generational analysis, Ipsos shared what it really takes to build emotional engagement with consumers, and why this should matter to financial services providers.
  • Henry Mason (Managing Director at TrendWatching) spoke about the future that is already here and showed how and where to see it. Every financial organization needs to know what customers will want next and data is only half of the picture. TrendWatching has a unique and counterintuitive approach to understanding the future that’s grounded in the innovations of today. In this fast-paced session, participants explored two trends that should inspire them to think differently about how to engage their customers, online and offline.
  • Elizabeth P. Morgan (Chief Marketing Officer at Market Logic) showed how AI makes life easier for insights managers by delivering instant answers to questions from past research and cutting out the noise.


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