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Tim Burge
Solution Architect, Market Logic
Yong Haw Goh
Solution Architect, Market Logic
28th, May 2019
10:00 am Eastern: 4:00 pm CEST
30th, May 2019
Singapore: 11:00 am SGT

The mountain of data you have at your fingertips may seem insurmountable – and for most companies, it is. Although 73% of companies aspire to be data-driven, only 29% are skilled at actually turning that data into action. It’s what’s Forrester calls the “insights disconnect.”

At Market Logic, we hear a lot about the insights disconnect. When we first meet, our clients tell us they know their organizations are filled with valuable consumer and market data, but they can’t find it. They also know they risk duplicating projects and wasting time chasing answers rather than proactively advising the business.

Join Market Logic insights experts Tim Burge at 10 am Eastern (4 pm CEST) on May 28 or Yong Haw Goh at 11 am SGP on May 30 as they showcase how an AI-powered search lets you ask a question and see the answers instantly, alongside auto-summarized findings from each document. In a live software demo, they will demonstrate how new research can be uploaded and auto-tagged instantly, as well as how experts can easily curate and promote knowledge in beautiful online zones.

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