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Le Printemps des études Digital 2020: How to centralize Michelin’s Knowledge – the Michelin Insights Platform

23rd, Jun 2020

From their lovable Bibendum mascot to the latest sustainable cross-climate tyres, Michelin is one of the most respected brands, with a reputation built on insights-driven innovation.

But before launching their Insights platform, Michelin had no efficient and centralized way to find relevant insights. All their valuable knowledge was scattered across different departments and laptops.

That’s why Nathalie Durroux and her team introduced a new and engaging Insights Platform to help the business understand and anticipate customer needs and market trends. In this case study, you’ll learn about the journey to deploy the tool, from the business case for change to the successful rollout.

Toute la connaissance de Michelin réunie en une plateforme

Obtenir les bons « insights » et faire les bons choix pour de prochaines innovations peut prendre du temps si l’on n’a pas toute l’information nécessaire à disposition. Lors de cette session, vous découvrirez comment la plateforme d’Insight Management mise en place par Michelin permet aux équipes de réutiliser toutes leurs études marketing pour mieux cibler les consommateurs.


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