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Tackle healthcare industry disruption with faster speed to insight


As part of Market Logic’s ‘Disruptors’ series of webinars on best practices to tackle industry disruption, experts from Ipsos shared their views on emerging trends in the Healthcare industry and how to tackle this disruption with faster speed to insight.

Jo Appleton, Head of Clients & Global Therapy Centres of Excellence, Ipsos Healthcare and Jackie Ilacqua, Global Head of Syndicated Services and President, Global Oncology, Ipsos discussed emerging trends. Martin Rückert, Market Logic’s Chief AI Officer, also joined the discussion with a Q&A session to close.

Topics discussed include:

  • Technological disruption, from precisely targeted medicine to AI-assisted clinical trials and digital therapeutics
  • The demand for real-world evidence
  • Staying on top of data using AI

You can read more about the webinar here. 

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