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Market Research Summit: AI and machine learning for insights

25th, May 2017

On the 25th May, the annual Market Research Summit will be held at the Hilton Tower Bridge hotel in central London. The MR Summit is an annual event that brings together all the best and brightest minds from the world of marketing, consumer insight and business strategy.

The theme for the 2017 event is ‘Connecting the Dots’ and will explore how Insights and Marketing professionals are required to fully understand and combine separate pieces of information and data sources to make sense of the bigger picture.

Matthew Twist will be taking part in a panel discussion entitled ‘Uberinsight or Datageddon – How AI and Machine Learning will affect the Insight sector.’

This session will explore how Artificial Intelligence is disrupting marketing and provocatively ask if there will be a role for humans in the Market Research industry of the future? Some of the other areas of the panel debate will cover are:

  • How AI is affecting and will continue to affect the Insights and Marketing sector
  • Is the role of AI in marketing being overhyped?
  • What skills with the Market Researcher of the future need?
  • How AI can supercharge the Insights and Marketing process

It guarantees to be an engaging and interesting session with the panel coming from both client and agency side. The chair of the session is Colin Strong, who is the Global Head of Behavioural Science at IPSOS – one of Market Logic partners.

Along with Colin, the panel includes Ms. Julia Ayling, Head of Research and Insights at Mindshare and The University of London’s professor of Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Chris Watkins.

Update: If you were not able to attend, you can read the discussion that took place here.

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