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Market Logic’s end-to-end market insights platforms help the world’s leading brands to generate and capitalize on insights. Our software enables consumer-centric decisions with a powerful Insights Engine, a comprehensive Digital Insights Workspace, and an intuitive Business Assistant. Market Logic’s technical leadership has been recognized with the 2019 MRS Best Data Solution Award with Tesco, and the 2020 BIG Innovation Award with Visa. Forrester Research also named Market Logic a leader in the 2019 Market and Competitive Intelligence Solutions wave.

End-to-end market insights platform

Inside Market Logic’s end-to-end platforms, an Insights Engine connects all your consumer and market data and tools to leverage existing investments. A Digital Insights Workspace enables experts to search and research new insights, and to present these to the business in engaging ways. A Business Assistant then equips decision-makers to easily find insights in news, knowledge and reporting.

Business Assistant to find and act on insights

Take the guesswork out of decision-making with a go-to system to find insights for use in strategy, innovation, marketing and sales. The Business Assistant helps stakeholders to quickly access personalized news, knowledge and business reporting. Relevant information is woven into the dialogue with a smart mobile app.

Digital Insights Workspace to generate insights

Insights, intelligence and analytics teams face more challenges than ever before: tight budgets, more demand, new technologies and remote working. Digital Insights Workspaces deliver smart and efficient ways to connect all data and tools in standardized workflows. Managers can search and find the insights they need from every source and conduct new research with agencies. Then, they can easily deliver engaging results to their stakeholders.

Search for insights from past research

The fastest way to deliver an insight to the business is to provide one you already own. Insights managers can easily search, find and re-use insights from past research projects, syndicated sources and video content. Relevant industry intelligence is also presented, with AI-powered noise cancellation for self-service and curated newsfeeds. Business reporting is organized so stakeholders can easily find their numbers in documents and BI dashboards.

Research new insights

Insights teams are turning to agile, automated and DIY research tools to double their impact at twice the speed and half the cost. Automated planning and execution enables fast turnaround with full oversight to stop waste. Workflows are easily configured with approvals, best-practice templates, financing and agency rosters. The system automatically checks your brief against past knowledge to prevent duplication.

Engage the business with insights

Decision makers often cherry pick data, ignoring evidence that doesn’t align with their argument and gut instincts. That’s why experts use storytelling tools to curate insights in knowledge zones that are easy to browse, remember and use. Expert channels also equip insights managers to edit and promote relevant content to target stakeholder groups. Corporate announcements ensure critical issues are top of mind.

Insights Engine to connect consumer and market data

Businesses are overwhelmed by huge volumes of data from many tools. The Insights Engine is the glue that connects it all to deliver direct answers to business questions. The Engine combines deep understanding of the marketing domain with AI/ML technologies to onboard data, connect information in a knowledge graph and synthesize insights for careful expert review. The result is a machine that searches and delivers actionable answers to business questions.

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end-to-end market insights platform.

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The AI-powered Market Logic™️

The Market Logic™️ is a holistic AI knowledge graph that understands the fundamentals of your industry, and your business, to connect the dots across all your research. Inside your platform, algorithms know how to read and interpret content using reasoning and inference to uncover fresh insights.


The technology is entirely focused on value creation, with AI applications to self-serve answers to questions and personalize the delivery of business intelligence.

Delight your workforce with a winning UX

A beautifully designed user experience is just as important as software functionality and speed. That’s why Market Logic applies design thinking principles in a human-centered approach to software development, with detailed UX research.


Millennial Design™️ delivers engaging software that reflects the mobile and social behaviour of your growing millennial workforce, with exclusive personalized experiences for insights and business roles.

Protect your data

We understand the competitive advantage your valuable insights deliver. Market Logic’s insights platforms store, protect and distribute valuable knowledge across borders, which is why we adhere to strict global security standards. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and we use web applications and enterprise-scale infrastructure firewalls. Certifications include SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO:27001 and ISO:9001.

Partners on a swift journey to success

Your dedicated Market Logic team will get you up and running in 30 days with a platform that showcases your brand and team identity, promotes your entire knowledge asset, and triggers awareness with an exciting launch campaign. Then we’ll partner with you to continuously monitor usage and seek out opportunities to extend reach across your business.

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