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Run an insights-driven business

In the age of the consumer, people access all the unfiltered information they need to research, negotiate and influence purchases. Companies that don’t meet their expectations fail: 50% of today’s S&P 500 will be replaced in the next decade. But while most companies are already good at generating data and analytics, and 73% of companies aspire to be data-driven, only 29% say they are good at turning data into actions for winning innovation, marketing and sales (Forrester, 2018). That’s a massive insights gap.

Market Logic helps you close the insights gap with entry and growth solutions. Insights Portals quickly help you promote and share knowledge from all your research. Intelligence Portals harness all your syndicated sources and news feeds to analyze markets and competitors. Market Insights Platforms empower your organization to transform to a truly insights-driven business. So with Market Logic, you can start quickly and grow as you go over time.

Big reasons to run an insights-driven business


Insights-driven business grow 30% annually, at least 7 times faster than GDP


Companies that grow revenue faster than their competitors use insights in 73% of decisions, compared with under-performers who use insights in 31% of decisions


In innovation, where new product success rates range from 10%-20%, 80% of key success factors are insight related (i.e. market understanding, effective campaigns, forecasting)


In communications, where the average sales impact of a TV campaign ranges from 2% to 15%, insights-driven creative can boost top line impact to 36%


Companies that integrate data and creativity have twice the growth rate of those that don’t


Knowing what you know before you research saves up to 15% on your budget

A future proof solution

Get started with an Insights Portal to find and promote knowledge, or an Intelligence Portal to analyze markets and competitors. Whenever you need to, enrich your solution with more data sources and functional value. Then grow as you go into a Market Insights Platform that delivers complete knowledge management, market intelligence and agile research. Whatever your journey, we partner with you to deliver future proof solutions that grow the use of insights across your business

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