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Transform your business to increase decision quality

Put insights at the heart of your digital transformation. Harness the culture of insight-driven decision making to uncover sources of growth, optimize resources and maximize business value.


Power growth with insights

Enable your marketers to make insights-driven decisions that change consumer behavior​. Strengthen customer & market insights and analytics capabilities to deliver innovative and differentiated marketing strategies.

Business Leaders

Ignite your business

Turn insights into strategy to spark innovation, and launch disruptive products that drive customer loyalty. Delight customers by meeting their needs before your competitors do.


Exceed sales targets

Equip your teams for thought-provoking conversations with customers that enrich their understanding of the market. Leverage competitive insights to formulate arguments that win new business.


Leverage your investments

Increase the agility of your business by unifying all your consumer and market data and tools on one platform. Make insights flow around your organization like electricity – with appropriate safeguards.

Business Managers

Get relevant insights when
you need them

Look at your market through the lens of your “job to be done” to get the most relevant insights your company owns. Spot opportunities, translate them into winning strategies, and consider all the facts before acting.

Instant access to your numbers

Get alerts as soon your business performance numbers are released. Access all of your reporting, trackers, and research together in one personalized platform, so you can quickly see what is happening and why.

Have we tried this before?

Learn from past successes and failures to enhance new ideas and concepts. Browse and compare all your past creative work with KPI’s and learnings in libraries that are packed with all of your concepts, product, ad copy and claims tests.

Intelligence you can trust

Look across your category and beyond to compete in today’s experience-driven economy. Get relevant industry news from all sources without the noise, to navigate the market and competitive landscape with confidence.

Learn faster

Digest expert knowledge to drive decisions every day. Easily learn everything you need to know to start work on a new brand, category or region. Reach out to experts with questions and get alerts when content is updated.

Insights Leaders

Deliver insights at the speed of business.

Double the impact of your insights organization at twice the speed and half the cost. Answer business questions swiftly. Curate and promote essential knowledge with storytelling. Plan and execute new research efficiently to stop duplication.

Find past insights

The fastest way to deliver insights to the business is to leverage the ones you already own. Easily search, find, and re-use insights from past research, syndicated sources, videos, or any other internal or external source in persuasive desk research.

Engage with storytelling

Curate insights that are easy to browse and use in engaging online stories. Evangelize strategic knowledge to your target audience in expert channels and newsletters, or recommend insights in search results—just like paid search in Google.

Reporting with context

Organize reports and trackers to show business context and wave histories. Synthesize performance data with custom research to explain what is happening and why. Invite business managers to subscribe for automatic updates when numbers change.

Compelling data stories

Combine snapshots from different tools with commentary to present convincing data stories. Slice, dice, visualize and explore survey results without being a data scientist, to re-use existing surveys instead of commissioning another one.

Efficient research execution

Plan research budgets and execute projects across business units and regions. Manage a central roster of suppliers, so you always use the right vendor for the job. Use AI to check briefs against existing knowledge to prevent duplication.

Audit brands and plan growth

Synthesize all your knowledge: brand performance, competitor moves, marketing effectiveness and consumer and market trends. Then add business context to perform a 360° audit as the baseline for winning brand and ideation plans.

Intelligence Experts

Analyze markets and competitors

Spend your time as a trusted advisor to key stakeholders and your C-suite, instead of playing librarian to many. Deliver curated expert channels and newsletters to target groups. Leverage AI to equip your entire business to self-serve the intelligence they need.

All your sources in one place

Maximize your discovery experience by searching directly across hundreds of trusted industry sources and thousands of industry feeds. Seamlessly shift between sources without remembering passwords, while fully honoring your license agreements.

Self-service intelligence

Equip thousands of stakeholders to self-service the intelligence they need with personalized dashboards. Setting up your own feed on an emerging topic takes seconds. AI automatically organizes and filters the mass of incoming news and content to eliminate noise.

Engage decision-makers

Present your intelligence in a memorable way so decision-makers can easily understand and apply the insights they need. Become a trusted advisor by adding value and context with curated competitive profiles, battle cards, and intelligence reports.

Newsletters and channels

Make sure your stakeholders get up-to-date news and intelligence they can trust. Edit and automatically distribute newsletters, feeds, and dashboards to target audiences, on their desktop, in their inbox and on mobile. You decide who sees what, when.

Learn more about best practices.

Schedule a 30 minute briefing with one of our specialists to discuss exactly how your peers are using their market insights platform to drive business impact.


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