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Insights Portal

Find and promote your insights

Find and promote knowledge with an Insights Portal

Your organization is filled with valuable knowledge from all your past research, but you can’t find it. As a result, you risk duplicating projects and wasting time chasing answers, when you could be proactively advising your business. An Insights Portal is a super easy way to find and promote knowledge. Get started with the Finder Pack, to organize your research, so you can find insights fast. Then add the Advisor Pack to promote knowledge to your business. And when you’re ready to make better use of your survey data and business reporting, add the Advance Pack.

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Find your insights

The Finder Pack is a quick and easy way to organize your research without any manual effort, for fast answers to business questions.

  • Get personalized updates on your intelligent homepage
  • Ask a question and let AI show the answers instantly
  • Review auto-summarized findings from each document
  • Search and skip to your topic with auto-transcribed videos
  • Save, cluster and share content in your personal notebook
  • Upload and auto-tag new research instantly
  • See who’s reading, sharing and liking your content

Extend your Finder Pack to share insights across regions and business units. Then add an Advisor Pack to start promoting knowledge.

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Advise your business

Once you’ve organized your research with the Finder Pack, promote knowledge to the business with an Advisor Pack.

  • Easily curate and promote knowledge in beautiful online zones
  • Enable users with self-service news dashboards
  • Screen incoming news to select the best items to publish
  • Push updates to target groups in news channels
  • Benchmark and learn from past innovation and ad tests
  • Review in-flight projects to stop duplication
  • Equip agencies to auto-tag and upload fresh results

Now that you’re equipped to market your knowledge with the Advisor Pack, you can make better use of all your survey, data and business reporting with the Advance Pack.

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Advance your data

Make the most of all of your survey data and business reporting with the Advance Pack.

  • Integrate business reporting with custom research to see what’s happening and why
  • Slice, dice and visualize SPSS, Excel and .CSV results
  • Easily upload survey, time series and cross-sectional data
  • Inject digital insights into other tools so they’re available whenever needed.

Upgrade your Insights Portal to a Market Insights Platform when you’re ready to run an insights-driven business.

The Market Logic® inside your portal

The Market Logic® is a holistic knowledge graph that connects the dots across all your consumer and market data, by applying marketing best practices and your own taxonomy.

This provides a unique foundation for advanced AI capabilities that deliver automated summaries and transcriptions, effortless content uploads and a personalized user experience.

Protect Your Data

Market Logic portals store, protect and distribute valuable knowledge that drives differentiation in the marketplace, so data security is paramount. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. We use web applications and enterprise-scale infrastructure firewalls. Certifications include SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO:27001 and ISO:9001

A user experience to engage your millennial workforce

A beautifully designed user experience is just as important as software functionality and speed. That’s why we apply design thinking principles in a human-centered approach to software development, with detailed UX research. The result is Millennial Design™ – engaging software that reflects the mobile and social behavior of your growing millennial workforce, with exclusive personalized experiences for insights and business roles.

Partners on a swift journey to success

Your Market Logic team will get you up-and-running in 30 days with a portal that showcases your brand and team identity, promotes your entire knowledge asset, and triggers awareness with an exciting launch campaign.

Then we’ll partner with you to continuously monitor usage and seek out opportunities to extend reach across your business.

Grow as you go

Your Insights Portal is future proof, so you can seamlessly upgrade to a Market Insights Platform at any time. Grow as you go by connecting additional data sets and analytics tools and supporting market and competitor intelligence teams. Introduce step by step support for agile research to build on existing knowledge, efficiently. Ultimately, you can inject insights in innovation and marketing processes for execution excellence, to run an insights-driven business


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