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Intelligence Portal

Analyze markets and competitors

Analyze markets and competitors with an Intelligence Portal

Your organization subscribes to many syndicated sources and news feeds that thousands of employees should be using to understand markets and competitors. Instead, they waste time looking for answers in all the wrong places or ask you to provide the information they need. An Intelligence Portal is a super easy way to harness these resources, so all your stakeholders can self-service the intelligence they need. This frees up your expert time to be a trusted advisor to the C-Suite instead of playing librarian to many.


Self-service intelligence

The Self-service Pack is a quick and easy way to empower your business to get the news and intelligence they need, without the noise.

  • Get personalized updates from all sources on an intelligent homepage
  • Easily create self-service dashboards to stay on top of your news
  • Ask a question and let AI show the answers instantly
  • Review auto-summarized findings from each document
  • Onboard sources fast with connectors to 300+ industry sources
  • Upload and auto-tag new research instantly

Upgrade your Intelligence Portal to a Market Insights Platform when you’re ready to run an insights-driven business.

The Market Logic® inside your portal

The Market Logic® is a holistic AI knowledge graph that understands your business to connect the dots across all your news and content. Inside your portal, AI personalizes your user experience by understanding your interests and behavior to eliminate irrelevant noise. It also delivers automated summaries and effortless content uploads.

A user experience to engage your millennial workforce

A beautifully designed user experience is just as important as software functionality and speed. That’s why we apply design thinking principles in a human-centered approach to software development, with detailed UX research. The result is Millennial Design™ – engaging software that reflects the mobile and social behavior of your growing millennial workforce, with exclusive personalized experiences for intelligence and business roles.

Partners on a swift journey to success

Your Market Logic implementation team will get you up-and-running in no time with a portal that showcases your brand and team identity, connects and integrates all your content and sources, and triggers awareness with an exciting launch campaign. Then we’ll partner with you to continuously monitor usage and seek out opportunities to extend reach across your business.

Grow as you go

Your Intelligence Portal is future proof, so you can seamlessly upgrade to a Market Insights Platform at any time. Grow as you go by connecting additional data sets and analytics tools and supporting your custom research team. Ultimately, you can inject relevant insights in business processes for excellent execution, to run an insights-driven business.  


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