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Make sure users know how and when to use your insights platform

Make sure users know how and when to use your insights platform
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Make sure users know how and when to use your insights platform

The key discipline for your change management strategy is to ensure your insights platform is used. At Market Logic, we help clients create awareness inside their user communities with training programs that are designed to make each user feel comfortable using the software and motivated to do so.
To achieve this, focus training around two themes: creating a sense of familiarity with the software and knowing when it’s relevant to use.

  • How to create that sense of familiarity:

Of course, each software comes with some training, but it’s generic and not helpful. It’s more of “click here, go there” – with no further instruction. Why not go one step beyond to train your users to not only learn how to use the software, but when to use it and for which purpose and business problem.

To do this, your training curriculum has to leverage company language. At Market Logic, we kick off the onboarding process by interviewing key stakeholders and representative users to learn your language. For example, one company might say ad hoc research while another says primary; in the same way, one might have a consumer and market insights department, another a strategy and insights team.

We also train teams separately – with different examples and exercises for research, marketing, and R&D teams. Even within departments, we see different user groups with specific business needs, so it’s never a one size fits all approach. For example, one group might need to mine copy test KPIs to guide new creative for a brand, while another wants to explore general trends that impact the whole category, and another still is hunting down past pack design for an emerging product class.

  • Knowing when it’s the right time to use:

One of my clients uses our software for ad hoc research while also storing brand activity reports and one-pagers on the insights platform. This way, the software becomes the single source of truth to compare and review all brand activities, when the time is right. What better opportunity than the annual brand planning season, when every marketer in the business has a ton of “what do we know about …?” questions and the need to constantly refer to key guidelines.

To bring a sense of familiarity and timing to every user, personalization is key. Here it’s super important to personalize with a purpose, so landing pages are tailored to give each user group immediate access to the content they need. Of course, this helps to further push content and modules across user groups.

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