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Market Insights Platform

Run an insights-driven business

A Market Insights Platform to run an insights-driven business

Your organization has made the commitment to transform to an insights-driven business. Market Logic offers the technology to achieve this, by closing the insights gap to make sure all your data and analytics investments are used to drive innovation, marketing and sales. Our Market Insights Platforms connect all your data and tools to help you build knowledge with agility. Ultimately, relevant insights are injected in business processes for excellent execution.

Connect and integrate all your data and tools

As the volume of data explodes, so too does the complexity of the analytics tool landscape. The result is even more chaos and fragmentation. The Market Insights Platform integrates and connects all your data and tools to fully leverage all your analytics investments.

A holistic AI knowledge graph we call the Market Logic® is then used to understand the language of your business and connect the dots across all your unstructured and structured content. This supports knowledge management, market intelligence and agile research, while also injecting insights into actions for excellent execution.

Data-aware firms

Inside data-aware firms, users go to information when they think they need it. This means business decisions are only supported by data. Strategic investments focus on building data lakes in the hope that they will be used. Long-cycle business analytics discourage experimentation, while centralized reporting breeds over-reliance on expert teams.

Insight-driven firms

Inside insights-driven firms, information goes to users, whenever they need it. As a result, the business runs on insights to systematically create competitive advantage. Strategic investments focus on connecting data and actions to deliver the right insights at the right time. This encourages agile experimentation and continuous learning in cross-functional teams.

To become insights-driven is a journey

Start with one platform to integrate unstructured and structured data from every source (custom research, syndicated sources, CRM, NPS, news feeds, business intelligence, video and social listening). Then put AI to work to connect the dots, building knowledge and uncovering insights from all that you own. Get quick wins with Knowledge Management to leverage your research assets and Market Intelligence to collect and analyze incoming news. Agile Research enables your insights team to reduce custom research costs and increase speed to insight. Finally, Excellent Execution injects insights in the job to be done.

Market Intelligence

Collect and analyze incoming information to understand markets and monitor competitors. Equip your workforce with self-service intelligence dashboards that deliver the content they need. Then focus expert effort on strategic support to help the C-Suite anticipate change.

Knowledge Management

Use the insights you already own, from every source. Find insights from unstructured data. Promote knowledge on strategic topics to targeted stakeholders. Integrate business reporting to see what is happening, with findings from custom research and understand why.

Agile Research

Plan, track and execute lean, agile research projects, with standardized best practices, fast approval flows and centralized vendor management. Perform automated knowledge checks against new research requests to be sure scarce resources aren’t wasted on knowledge you already own.

Excellent Execution

Personalize the delivery of information to every member of your team. Inject relevant insights in innovation, marketing and sales processes to guarantee people get the right information at the right time. APIs link your Market Insights Platform to any business workflow tool.

The Market Logic® inside your platform

The Market Logic® is a holistic AI knowledge graph that understands the fundamentals of your industry, and your business, to connect the dots across all your unstructured and structured content. Inside your platform, algorithms know how to read and interpret content using reasoning and inference to uncover fresh insights.

The technology is entirely focused on value creation, with AI applications to self-serve answers to questions and business intelligence, and AI skills to guide your team. Best practices and relevant insights are injected in your business processes to build a successful innovation pipeline, change consumer behavior and win buying decisions.

Protect Your Data

Market Logic portals store, protect and distribute valuable knowledge that drives differentiation in the marketplace, so data security is paramount. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. We use web applications and enterprise-scale infrastructure firewalls. Certifications include SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO:27001 and ISO:9001

Partner to transform to an insights-driven business

To transform to a Market Insights Platform, our specialists work with you to understand your business objectives, audit current capabilities and skill gaps, and design an action plan to achieve your goals, with KPIs to measure results along the way.


We’ll lend an experienced eye to topics like organizational architecture, skill framework development, insights maturity assessment, and best practice processes for content ingestion, curation, and use. Our design thinking methods will enable your team to imagine and realize a world where every employee is empowered with the right insights at the right time.

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