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Promote and inject insights and intelligence in efficient workflows


Search and answer business questions with one click

Learn how the best brands answer “what do we know about…?” questions with one click (no need to open and read hundreds of pages). See how cognitive computing summarizes answers in a dossier with visualizations and expert referrals. Compare what people say with validated research. Slice, dice and present survey data. Browse creative tests to learn from past experience. Search across primary and syndicated sources in one unified experience. Bookmark, like, comment and share results.


Promote knowledge on strategic topics

Learn how the best insights and intelligence teams promote and share valuable insights. See how experts easily curate content in engaging knowledge zones. Drag and drop live charts, infographics, videos and social highlights into magazine templates. Collaborate to bring insights to life in compelling stories, then engage your audience with expert Q&A. Push knowledge on strategic topics, best practices and core brands to targeted user groups. Notify subscribers whenever content is updated.


Self-service news and intelligence dashboards

Learn how the best intelligence teams help stakeholders to face disruption with aggregated news from syndicated sources, analysts, data portals and newsfeeds. See how cognitive computing delivers personalized and highly relevant information to your desktop or smart phone. Empower users to easily create their own dashboards, then curate and push newsfeeds on strategic topics. Monitor buzz over time to explain peaks and predict trends. Give managers an app to submit breaking news from the field.


Organize business reporting with subscriptions

Learn how the best teams organize and access business reporting to understand the numbers that drive the business. Organize reports, trackers and continuous research in a strategy house to explain context with helpful links and resources. Empower users to subscribe to the reports they need to get alerts as soon as their numbers are available – no more email requests. Present summaries and histories so users can easily compare waves.


Run an efficient research organization from planning to execution

Learn how the best insights leaders run a high-quality research organization from budget planning to execution of custom projects. Understand how they standardize best practices in workflows, streamline approvals and manage their agency roster. See how cognitive computing helps managers check past knowledge before they commission new research, to eliminate duplication. Explore new ways of working that eliminate red tape to focus on the only thing that matters – insights for the business.


Suggest insights in innovation and marketing workflows

Learn how the best brands drive customer centricity across the business with the right insights at the right time. Understand how cognitive computing injects insights-driven recommendations at critical points in innovation gates and mix creation projects. See how teams deploy marketing automation software to standardize best practices and streamline approvals for accelerated time to market. Check out the latest advances in cognitive assistants that guide users, step by step through the job to be done.

Services to get you up and running in 60 - 90 days

We invest time with your experts to deeply understand your ways of working and share best practices from our work with the world’s leading brands. The result is an insights platform that’s intuitive and easy for your team to adopt, ensuring effective change management. Your dedicated service team works with you to check usage and identify even better ways to make sure your valuable knowledge is used.

Market Logic is really a pleasure to work with. They are super fast, they are super pragmatic, and they did a really outstanding job setting up the system.

Wolfgang Weixelbaumer, Director of Commercial Insights, Coca-Cola Western Europe
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