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Insights Hub

Democratize insights and make sure they reach decisions.
Provide contextualized answers with enriched insights and relevant facts.

One entry point

Create a single source of truth, consolidating siloed information across business lines and regions.

Simplified search

Search better with state-of-the-art AI technology. Swiftly navigate results with smart result widgets and automatically summarized content.

Keep it organized

Upload reports, projects, and videos and let AI create thumbnails, titles, and document summaries.

Less manual work

Stop wasting time manually tagging content thanks to automatically applied tags.

Collaborate easier

Fast desk research and knowledge exchange by compiling, summarizing and sharing content with your stakeholders.

Self-Service News

Stay on top of topics and trends you care about with up-to-date industry, competitor, and market news.

Insights Workspace

Everything your team needs to create and deliver engaging insights


Elevate insights with sensemaking

Create engaging stories that inspire your company.

Easily create content

Collaborate within your team and agencies to build engaging content. Select templates, assemble teams, add content, live feeds, and more.

Target your audience

You decide who sees what. Share content with target groups via channels. Promote it in search with keywords – just like Google Ads.


Intelligence that business can rely on

Spend less time researching and more time analyzing and advising.

All sources in one place

Maximize your discovery experience by searching directly across hundreds of trusted industry sources and feeds.

Promote what’s relevant

Create AI-powered newsfeeds, curated newsletters, and topic dashboards. Share news directly with your target groups via news channels.


Reporting with context

Link business questions to insights and data in one central place.

Stay on top

Organize reports, trackers, and dashboards from all relevant business intelligence, social media, or analytics tools. Provide context and explain what is happening and why.

Promote what’s relevant

Group reports to share them with the right target audience. Deliver automatic updates for new reporting waves.


Build on what you already know

Systematically capture and analyze libraries of intelligence with KPIs and learnings.

Capture what’s relevant

Create custom libraries to capture, monitor, and compare information over time. Add KPIs, data, documents, and multimedia content alongside custom insight.

Reapply learnings

Organize insights, tests, market & competitive intelligence in libraries. Search, sort, and compare to benefit from past successes and failures.


Optimize research operations
Unify scattered research processes and avoid redundant work. Standardize your research suppliers and methods and empower more people to do better research.


Run efficient research

Eliminate redundant work, focus on real business needs, and capitalize on existing insights.

Full transparency

Manage all your projects with team members, configurable workflows, approvals, and agency rosters.

No duplication

Avoid recommissioning the same research. Automatically inject existing knowledge into research briefs to refine scope and avoid duplication.


Avoid spreadsheet nightmares

Plan and track budgets across teams, regions and business lines.

Allocate budgets easily

Plan top-down budgets across teams and regions. Plan bottom-up by allocating budgets at a project and team level.

Real-time budget tracking

Capture all project-related expenses. Track planned, committed, and spent budgets across projects and cost centers in real-time. Get visibility of spend with agencies across the organization.

An Insights Engine to connect consumer and market data

Our Insights Engine connects your data to provide direct answers to your business questions. By leveraging AI technologies, it provides a deep understanding of the marketing space to help you uncover, connect, and synthesize insights.

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A solution that scales

Unified and seamless user experience across all digital touchpoints.

AI technologies, such as NLP, text analytics, and Machine Learning.

Codified domain expertise to understands your unique business.

Start small and scale up: our solution grows with your needs.

We are ready to support your requirements for confidentiality, security, and privacy.

No matter how many sources, content, or users: we deliver enterprise-level scalability.

Your data is safe with us

We understand the competitive advantage your valuable insights deliver. We operate aligned to ISO 27001 standards and rely on certified cloud hosting services. We keep all your data segregated and encrypted at-rest and in-transit. We perform regular vulnerability scan and penetration tests through a dedicated in-house team and by Third Parties.

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