How to trust in the power of findings

How to trust in the power of findings
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How to trust in the power of findings

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of findings and their key benefits. Findings are huge timesavers, especially in comparison to reading every single document trying to find information that answers a business question. So, why are findings such a timesaver? Here’s a list of some pretty convincing reasons:

  • You can do a simple search for your question and get all reusable pieces of information (relevant to the topic of course) in just a few seconds
  • You can search for knowledge (regarding your business question) across all research projects -instead of being limited to answers on a document-by-document basis
  • You can avoid reading hundreds and hundreds of pages from documents that have absolutely nothing to do with what you’re actually searching for
  • You can benefit from your colleagues’ work across different markets, broadening your horizon

Now, I understand you might be a little hesitant about findings, particularly if you like looking at the minor details within the content to make sure you’re not missing out on anything. However, a good finding is written in a way that it includes all the crucial context information – target group, category, the what and why including all the specified limitations (i.e. European mothers aged 30-35.). This makes the search for business questions specific to a certain target group very easy and straightforward – guaranteeing you won’t miss out on anything.

From my experience, I could tell many stories about clients and their success with working with findings and using them as springboards for quick answers to questions their business partners asked. But, we only have time for one story today:

Once upon a time, a chief marketing officer for a beverage company wanted to know whether it made sense to introduce natural sweeteners. Would consumers actually like them and drink them? What did they associate with natural sweeteners? What were the perceived benefits and doubts? Most importantly, “what did they already know about natural sweeteners?”

Since this was a global initiative, he sent an email to every regional insights director, marked urgent. Not surprisingly the email triggered a flurry of activity around the world, as regional insights teams scrambled to find answers internally, from agencies, and through new research.

With one exception. A region in Europe sent their response to the CMO in 20 minutes – a concise document listing all the findings of natural sweeteners from all the research conducted in the last five years. The document showed all the golden nuggets of information the CMO needed to know. It was generated by a new insights engine the region was piloting from Market Logic.

The CMO was so impressed by the speed and quality of the results, he decided to promote working with findings as new best practice for the whole company across the globe, and this is why the client rolled out Market Logic Software worldwide.

Do you want to hear more happily ever after stories about trusting in the power of findings? Let’s make a circle and have story time.

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