Unilever, Market Logic and LivingLens at IIeX Europe

Unilever, Market Logic and LivingLens at IIeX Europe
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Unilever, Market Logic and LivingLens at IIeX Europe

February is the month of valentines, black history and … insights for innovation. IIeX (Insight Innovation eXchange Europe) will showcase three things: new ideas to change the world of insights, practical learning sessions to help develop new skills, and the chance to connect with market research thought leaders from brands and agencies around the world.

At midday on February 20th, Unilever’s senior market information manager Sheela Smale and I take the floor to present a case study and demo that showcases the world-class PeopleWorld insights platform.

In the session, we’ll explain how Unilever and Market Logic worked together to change the world of insights across the corporation, from searching to find what we know to knowing what we know. Sheela dove into the world of information management supplemented by the fact that she is an experienced market researcher, who understands the constant pain of searching for documents, databased and people who can remember past research projects to get answers to marketers’ business questions.

Here are a few highlights you can expect from our Unilever Showcase “From Searching to Knowing: How Unilever knows what it knows:

  • With over 600 consumer and market insights people answering business questions from 6,000 marketers in a dozen different categories, Unilever knew there had to be a better way to make market research accessible to everyone. Market Logic offered a game-changing way to re-use and promote insights with one click, and the result was PeopleWorld
  • Over the last few years, PeopleWorld has grown from strength to strength. Today, the platform holds over 70,000 documents, 35,000 projects, 5,000 concepts, and 10,000 ad tests. A key success factor in bringing all this information together is that CMI executes new research projects in PeopleWorld, in collaboration with its roster of research agencies. So new results are always uploaded and Unilever knows what it knows.
  • Most recently, Market Logic’s cognitive AI technologies have been injected into PeopleWorld to take knowledge to the next level. Now, when a marketer asks a question, PeopleWorld mines all the relevant insights and automatically summarize key findings from the results. You’ll see this live on the IlEX stage!

Later that day at 15:00 in the orange track, check out the “Video Beyond Storytelling” presentation. This is where good friend Carl Wong from LivingLens will show how video analytics can transform video into a data asset in its own right – from speech to emotional understanding to object recognition – for a complete picture of the customer.

So, happy Valentine’s Day and see you in Amsterdam on the floor of the IIeX 2017.

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