Winners: 2016 marketing innovation of the year

Winners: 2016 marketing innovation of the year

Winners: 2016 marketing innovation of the year

Last week the German Marketing Intelligence and Innovation Awards (MIIA) recognized Market Logic Software and Unilever with the 2016 Marketing Innovation of the Year. Our contribution –  revolutionizing knowledge management with the breakthrough technology that powers Unilever’s global insight engine, PeopleWorld.

As one of the world’s largest marketing powerhouses, Unilever possesses large amounts of primary market research and secondary source data, plus huge volumes of social media.

The sheer scale of the available information makes it almost impossible to supply essential insights on short notice. PeopleWorld enables marketers and researchers to mine consumer insights, research, and data to answer business questions.

At Market Logic, we love the MIIAs mission to “take the blah out of marketing”. One of the biggest frustrations our clients experience today is to try and hunt for insights amidst an overwhelming volume of consumer, market, and social data.

Our insight engines take the ‘blah’ away with a one-click search that delivers answers – so there’s no need to open or read a single document”.

Over at Unilever, VP CMI Chet Henderson is a strong advocate for Market Logic’s cognitive capabilities, which are driving significant enhancements to the proven platform. In the award case study, Chet talked about how we’ve introduced artificial intelligence to teach the machine the language of marketing and extended the scope from research to the social realm.

That means that when a Unilever marketer asks PeopleWorld a natural language question about a category or brand, they get answers from all the data, with visualizations and summaries.

The 2016 MIIA was hosted by Quadriga University in Berlin with a jury comprising executives from Lufthansa, Bertelsmann, Disney, KPMG, T-Com, Sky, Sixt, Pfizer, Adobe and Zalando, to name a few.

MIIAs mission aims to “take the blah out of marketing” with performance-oriented marketing solutions driven by innovation, technological advancements, efficiency, and interdisciplinary support.

A big thank you to Unilever for working with us on the cognitive journey – let’s continue our efforts to taking “the blah out of marketing”!

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